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Benefits of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Training

The benefits of training with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback are increased stability, flexibility, adaptability, and greater resilience of central nervous system functioning. This enables the CNS to function efficiently bringing about profound healing with improved performances in most aspects of living. While NeurOptimal is not a treatment and does not target any specific issues, because of the innovative way it works, many specific beneficial outcomes emerge that are appropriate for each individual. Below is a collation of individual benefits often reported by people who have trained on NeurOptimal.

Improved sleep
ADD, ADHD, focus, concentration, attention
PTSD, trauma
Migraines, headaches
Wellness & personal growth
Meditation (mindfulness practice)
Peak performance

There is no diagnosis and therefore no treatment of disorders. The goal of Neuroptimal is simply and profoundly to allow each brain to self-balance and stabilize the nervous system as a whole when this happens, all else falls away.